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Ok so no matter where I go everyone always asks me  – ” Triplefishy !?! Where did that name come from? “

One morning whilst at the Gym on the running machine I was watching one of my favourite TV shows – Dog The Bounty Hunter

During the episode ” No Luv Still ” the following dialogue occurred :

> ( Dog ) MISS VINSON, THIS IS RICHARD FROMBOBBY Brown’s bail bonds.

>> We just talked to you, now there’s no answer ?

> That sounds kinda fishy.

>> You say where you’re at, you moved, you don’t tell the bail company, that’s another fishy.

> We go over there where you were, they said the husband booted you out, that’s triple-fishy– call me.

>> Okay.

>>>>>>>> “That’s triple-fishy !” that’s good.

The complete transcript of the show can be read here

Dog The Bounty Hunter