Divert All Calls To VoiceMail

Divert All Calls To VoicemailA really handy feature I discovered today that works on my iPhone4 on O2 is a way to divert all my incoming calls to my voicemail.  This is handy for many reasons.  As I frequently use my iPhone during social media coaching sessions and seminars with my clients, there is nothing more annoying than having someone call me mid flow or whilst I am showing someone how to use Apps like Hootsuite on the phone; Or when I am using the phone to record a video.  I know the iPhone comes with Airplane Mode but it then affects my 3G access to the internet.

The solution is to divert all calls to Voicemail.

To activate the divert :

**21*901# Then hit the Call button

To deactivate the divert:

##21# Then hit the Call button


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