Adapt your selling style to sell more to anyone

Have you ever had someone come up to you in the street and try to sell you something or get you to answer a survey?  Did it get on your tit, the way they approached you?  It’s because we all have our different personalities and like to be treated and spoken to in a certain way.  My behavioural style is a go getter, so to sell to me you need to tell me as quickly as possible what the benefits are, what I get and how much it costs.  Don’t bother telling me a story, Im not interested.  However, this can be completely different for other people.  Some people love to read the fine print (examiners), others would like to know their purchase is benefiting someone else (people person).  But what happens if you are trying to sell to people from different countries ?

One amazing young Indian boy who sell’s peacock fans to tourists learned at a very young age, to sell to someone from another country you have to “speak the lingo”

Lingo Boy:

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