Adapt your selling style to sell more to anyone

Have you ever had someone come up to you in the street and try to sell you something or get you to answer a survey?  Did it get on your tit, the way they approached you?  It’s because we all have our different personalities and like to be treated and spoken to in a certain way.  My behavioural style is a go getter, so to sell to me you need to tell me as quickly as possible what the benefits are, what I get and how much it costs.  Don’t bother telling me a story, Im not interested.  However, this can be completely different for other people.  Some people love to read the fine print (examiners), others would like to know their purchase is benefiting someone else (people person).  But what happens if you are trying to sell to people from different countries ?

One amazing young Indian boy who sell’s peacock fans to tourists learned at a very young age, to sell to someone from another country you have to “speak the lingo”

Lingo Boy:

When Presenting Keep Your Emotions in Check – Funny Video

I saw this video a little while ago on RudeTube (TV show) and stumbled across it again today.  There is a great lesson here – when doing presentations try to keep your emotions in check.  Or you will end up looking like this guy.

My favourite bit in this clip is when he quotes Einstein “His most favourite quote in the history of spoken word” – Then he gets it wrong –  What is so funny is as he goes back to his script he notices his error an whinces !!

Being Too Busy

Being Too Busy.

Have you ever stopped to think every time you pass up an opportunity to do business, to meet friends or to do something new and you say “your too busy”, that you might actually not be too busy you are just disorganised or have your priorities wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, many of us have lots of things to do and we can feel too busy but where do you draw the line.

Over the past 15 years I have run a successful IT Consultancy which included supporting Home PC Users and Business Clients.  The business is still going strong, but so is many of my other business interests.

Recently it had gotten to the point where everything was so successful that I was not able to dedicate enough time to each individual business in order to do it justice and I could see a problem beginning to develop.  I recently counted that I had passed up £2000 worth of business in one month because I was too busy.  It isn’t a staffing issue, we are adequately staffed, the issue was me wanting to do too much of that work myself.  Something was going to break and I didn’t want it to be me.

Identifying your priorities is key in this situation.

To identify your priorities, don’t automatically think the ones you enjoy doing the most or the ones that make you the most money are high priority.  It’s no good having a high paying task to do that will take you all day, if you can do 4 lower paying tasks and earn the same money and still have time left to do other things.  When you make your todo list, you will generally do the easy tasks first or the ones you like doing.  What happens then is you burn up all your energy doing these tasks and when they are complete you have the ones you don’t like doing left to do and your motivation and energy to get them done is low.  Do the SJ’s (shitty jobs) first, then get the easy ones done.

Being “too busy” is costing you money.

I have now identified the areas in my Business that I want to concentrate on, the areas that have been taking up so much of my time have been delegated out to other people.  This gives me the opportunity to work other areas of my business that can I can develop into high income streams.

Multi Tasking or Multi Failing?

Multi Tasking or Multi Failing?

Have you ever driven somewhere and when you got there you didn’t remember the journey?

Like you where driving on autopilot, your mind was elsewhere thinking about “the next big thing”.

Do you ever sit at your multi monitor desk, writing one thing, keeping one eye on Facebook another on the file your downloading and listening to the radio or tv.

That’s multi tasking, but are you being productive?

In today’s gadget filled, information overloaded society there is so much for us to try and do in 24 hours that we try and multi task as much as we can.  Juggling non important time wasting distractions with important work.  You have an important task to do, which requires you to write something in Word.

Is Word the only thing open on your pc or do you have Facebook in the background, your email program is open, Skype is running, maybe the TV is on.
You may think you can multitask effectively but when it comes down to it, your spreading your mind too thinly across many different tasks and your doing none of them effectively.  Its at this point your memory starts to fail you.  Can you remember everything thats happened on the TV, that you read on your email or posted on Facebook.  Can you remember what you wrote on that very important Word document.   Maybe you re-read it 5 or 6 times because each time you read a bit, it doesnt sink in and you have to read it again.

Still think your good at multi tasking?

Your Wrong and the men in white coats agree:

FOCUS on building your business.