About Me

Originally from Pontypridd in the Rhondda Valley’s I am now living in Bridgend.

My first ever business was breading Gerbils and selling them to pet shops at the age of 14.  My next venture was buying and selling CB radios and then setting up a mail order software company selling Public Domain software for the Amiga computer.  All before I was 18.   Then at 18 I setup AW Computers, an IT Support company, I ran this business for 14 years.

Unfortunately I fell out of love with the IT business, as most entrepreneurs and sole traders will identify with, many many years of working long hours 7 days a week took it’s toll.  I decided to pass on the home user IT Support division to Techant Computers and passed on the business support contracts I had to various IT Companies in South Wales.

In around 1996 I began taking a great interest in online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing.  From the very early years of the Internet I enjoyed trying to leverage it to make money.  This gave me a great deal of knowledge in online marketing, email marketing, seo, web design and when it arrived much later social media.  I am proud to say that I have been using the Internet for marketing for very many years and was an early adopter of many of the social media channels as they arrived on the scene.   I remember sites like Bianca’s smut shack, Lycos Chat, Geosites, The Well, IRC, Usenet, (ahh they bring back memories).

When social media was called Web 2.0, I recognised a need amongst businesses for someone to teach them how to use the Internet to market their business.  I started to teach social media and seo, I even offered Social Media Management for a few years.

Now I spend most of my time delivering workshops, coaching and consulting on SEO and Social Media instead of delivering the services direct to clients.  I also lecture on Social Media Applications, WordPress and Mail Chimp at the University of South Wales.

Along with my online and social media trainings, I am also a certified trainer with The Referral Institute, where I train business owners and entrepreneurs how to make their word of mouth marketing predictable.  This also includes teaching those clients how to be more effective at networking.

There is a great synergy for me between online and offline networking and word of mouth marketing.  I am pleased and proud that I can offer a service that can combine both forms of networking.

Soon you will be able to read more about my Inner Geek and my love for Technology, Gadgets, Internet Marketing and WordPress on my other blog – austinwalters.com where I will be blogging more on Tech rather than relationship marketing and networking that I blog about here.

When I am not working, I have a deep passion for the paranormal, having been a resident investigator at Craig-Y-Nos Castle in Brecon for over 3 years.  My interest in the paranormal reaches back to when I was 15.  Now I spend most of my time as a freelance paranormal consultant and often contribute to print, TV and Radio media on the subject of Ghosts and Hauntings.  I wish I had more time to devote to the paranormal but it holds some unsociable hours.

One of my goals within the next 5 years is to have a Butterfly house at the bottom of my garden. (I have to find the right house with the right size garden first).