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If you are looking for my contact details, my Email address is: austin@austinwalters.co.uk  // Mobile: 07849 642481

Find me online: twitter: @austinwaltersuk // LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/austinwalters

What do I do? :

  • Distressed Business Investor – I invest in businesses that are in trouble (financially)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Internet, Social Media, Crowdfunding and Business Networking Speaker
  • I am a launch director and troubleshooter at BNI South Wales.
  • I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to be more effective & use online marketing to get more business. (Fully Booked)

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Organisation is the key to getting things done, plus having a great team around me who plug all the gaps where I am lacking.  Know your weaknesses and get other people in to do what you are not good at doing – that’s the key to success.


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